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The Birch House Staff


Lauren N. Fields

Director. Playwright. Curator of Immersive experiences.

For the past several years Lauren has been focused on creating new immersive experiences in a variety of spaces across the city. In addition to co-founding Birch House, she is also the founder of The Horror! Ensemble. Her work is primarily driven by the desire to create a visceral relationship between the audience and the artist. Her immersive projects explore this idea by annihilating the barriers established in traditional theatre and creating a tangible, participatory, audience-centric experience. It is Lauren's hope that creating this kind of theatre will encourage honesty, vulnerability, and intimacy in both the artist and the viewer.


Janie Killips

playwright. musician. immersive creator. midwesterner.

She is committed to building stories that are hand-made and hand delivered. Striving to provide a completely immersive and well-crafted experience, she seeks not to disturb the comforted but to comfort the disturbed. Janie beckons artist and audience alike to remove themselves from the synthetic world and reflect upon the deep dark woods of the natural human experience.

Bryce Fields

Bryce Fields married into this world. He usually works as a technical advisor and prop maker for Birch House events. He recently parlayed this into his own enterprise: Fields Wood and Steel. 

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