Current Residents


Grace Halfacer


Grace is currently a Freshman at The Theatre School at DePaul University studying Theatre Arts with a concentration in Directing. She wants to create horror inspired theatre as well as curating new and interesting experiences through immersive and devised work. Grace hopes that through her work we as humans can learn to  confront the uncomfortable. 

Faith Hart


Faith Hart is a Dallas, Texas native currently attending the Theatre School at DePaul University, majoring in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Directing. She is a lover of people and a believer in the power of storytelling to reflect, inform, and elevate the way we live today. With a passion for immersive and site-specific theatre, she hopes to help create experiences in which audiences find themselves empowered to explore new worlds within and around them.

Evan Neiden


At its heart, the world of immersive theatre is a community of obsessives, and Evan Neiden is no exception. Hailing from NYC, he is an avid creator and consumer of immersive art. He is especially fascinated by that which he aims to create: highly curated and customized experiences for an intimate audience. Immersive theatre is, by nature, quite personal, and Evan believes that it can be remarkably restorative for those who feel stifled in the outside world, providing them with a space to actively explore and engage with another reality. Evan is currently studying theatre at Northwestern University.

Fields Wood & Steel


Fields Wood and Steel started in early 2017 as a way to document the projects Bryce makes in his garage. It has evolved into a quasi not-quite-business. His focus is primarily on knifemaking, with a secondary interest in prop and practical effects design.

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