D. Matthew Beyer
John Hampton Cade
Leo Chappell
Ebony Chuukwu
Grace Halfacer
Faith Hart
Andrew Huber
Christina Renee Jones
Janie Killips
Ashlyn Lozano
Lauren Mangum
Ian Miller
Abaigeal O'Donnell
Jill Perez

Dark Day

To date, The Horror! Ensemble has created four unique horror experiences in four very different spaces, all with the same goal–putting the audience at the heart of the experience. In October 2017 the ensemble partnered with Birch House Immersive to take over the entirety of The Athenaeum Theater, resulting in the biggest, baddest, most immersive horror yet- and one of the few haunts within the city limits! Dark Day invited audiences into the bowels of the theater to meet the ghosts that never seem to leave and explore the darkness for themselves.

This production was presented:
October 26th - 29th 2017
The Athenaeum Theatre

Photos courtesy of Gracie Meier


Assistant Director
Production Design
Prop Design

Lauren N. Fields
Jordyn Prince
Dean Corrin
Eric Richardson
Bryce Fields