You find yourself in front of a door. You are alone. You are intrigued by this door, but are unsure of what you are supposed to do. The door has no odd markings and no instructive signs. Then you hear soft noises coming from the other side. As you lean in to try and make out what the sound is you grab the knob and realize the door is unlocked. You are now faced with a decision: do you turn around and go back the way you came? Or do you push the door open?

We hope you’ll follow your curiosity.
We’ll be sure to leave the door open for you.  

Here at Birch House Immersive we seek to accomplish one thing: remove the barriers that typically exist between performers and audience. We extend a hand across the proscenium, inviting you, the audience, to join us on equal footing in exploring (and sometimes creating) the story. We invite you to engage with the world of the play in tangible ways- exploring the space, interacting with characters (in groups and one-on-one), and completing tasks that drive the story forward and put you at the center of the experience.

Imagine Immersive Theatre on a scale. At one end is pure voyeurism, at the other is strictly task-based. Birch House breaks the traditional mold of an Immersive Theatre company by creating works all across this scale, matching the style of immersive storytelling to the story itself. You may find yourself in one story floating through the space as if a ghost. You may find yourself at the heart of the action, the story’s characters relying on you to make decisions that will advance the story.

We hope that our work leaves you feeling breathless, invigorated, and vital to the experience you witness.